Our First Thanksgiving 2000

So, our first NEH “Thanksgiving” at the school is celebrated. Rhonda and John brought in the turkey and all the trimmings. Student, Dick Cole brought in all the wine and adult beverages. Along with some football, the International students from Switzerland and France really enjoyed the day. Even John’s mother, Stella came to celebrate the most New England Holiday ever. The family began!

Ryan Caswell – Pro-Trac Student



Before I began flying I spent countless hours looking for a flight school that would best suite my needs. I wanted to experience flying in all four seasons, have classes be one-on-one with my instructor, and be able to make my own schedule.

I chose NEH over every other flight school. NEH offers four different seasons to fly in with all different types of terrain. Just that alone is going to make me a better pilot. I can’t say enough on how making my own schedule and having one-on-one training with my instructor has helped me. I never want to go back to the big classroom atmosphere again.

I’ve come to realize how great the family atomosphere is around the school. Everyone knows everyone and no one is intimidated by anyone, even if the next guy has thousands of flight hours. Put it this way, I can honestly say I love going to school. How many student pilots do you know of can say that. I’ve come to really appreciate more and more each day how I hae made the right choice.

Ryan Caswell – Pro-Trac Student

Chris Ludwig – Student

As a former student at Northeast Helicopters I highly recommend this flight school to anyone who is interested in flying helicopters. Their staff and management are composed of many friendly and highly trained professionals. Their aircraft are always well maintained.

Chris Ludwig