Addition to the Fleet

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Northeast Helicopters has been serving the logging industry for years providing full operational support programs where necessary. Originally started with an MD500D helicopter, NEH provided logging support for Southern New England, primarily Massachusetts and Connecticut. The MD500D served the company well until interest grew in Vermont and New Hampshire where the timber grows much larger.

Timber Management Companies, Landowners and Logging Companies alike realized the advantage to harvesting timber with the helicopter. As the only New England based Heli-Logging operator, Northeast Helicopters was able to provide the logging industry with a means of complying with new stricter environmental issues in an efficient and cost effective manner. The ability to lift the logs from the area where they are cut to a landing site without any ground contact to the forest floor, satisfied all of the environmental concerns and kept the timber moving.

Northeast Helicopters now receives calls from as far away as Ohio and Indiana to provide Heli-Logging support. For now, company owners, John and Rhonda Boulette will continue to provide quality services to New England’s timber industry and considering adding more aircraft if the demand continues.