K-Max Lift Job at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

August 11, 2002

At 5:55 am on August 11, 2002, the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport was closed to all operations, all except one.  At 6:09 am the K-Max helicopters lifted from run-up area 22 and repositioned over the Air Traffic Control Tower.  When the “lift clear” was given the 5000 lb Radar System was lifted from the tower.  A cooperative effort between Northrop Grumman, the radar manufacturer, Kaman Aerospace and Northeast Helicopters Flight Services to relocate the radar system to the East Side of the airport was underway.

The ASDE-3 (Airport Surface Detection Equipment) as it is called was being moved to improve radar coverage on the airport.  The new home for the system would be an area northeast of the main termnal building near the Potomac River.  The dome was placed on a temporary support pedestal until the new to support tower is constructed.  A 3500lb steel cover was then placed on the Air Traffic Control Tower to seal the roof area.

Northrop Grumman hired Northeast Helicopters Flight Services to provide the technical support for the operation.  Although Northeast provides lift services to the logging an construction industry with our UH1-B Huey, the weight of the dome required the use of Kaman Aerospace K-Max helicopter and a Kaman pilot.

After 2 years of planning, and 16 minutes of flying the lift was complete.  At 6:29 am the first commercial flight left the runway.

Bob Burgess

Throughout my education, I have run across many schools (establishments) that boast “a family atmosphere”. However, this normally is not a ture representation of the school environment. At Northeast Helicopters, I was astonished to find a flight school that has coupled professionalism with a warm and friendly atmosphere that is conducive to student learning in addition to being made to feel as “part of the team”. This team spirit, which has been joined into a program focused on flight safety, has made me very comfortable in my decision to pursue my helicopter career with Northeast.

For future students, Northeast holds the key to success for anyone seeking their ratings as a private pilot and beyond.

For parents, this school is the type of environment that will ensure that your student is on the right track for success in the helicopter aviation industry.

Bob Burgess

Helene Scott

Just one month after my son graduated from high school in Illinois, our family relocated to Massachusetts. All of his childhood friends were left 1,200 miles away. He was unsure about his social opportunities in this unfamiliar community, but his focus on a desire to fly helicopters was a steady yearn. That is where Northeast Helicopters entered his life.

Visiting the school, talking with John and Rhonda Boulette, and experiencing a demo flight sealed the plan; my son wanted this to become his new life. Enthusiasm for the success of their students was all I, as a parent, had to observe to convince me that it was the right place for him. The relaxed delivery of instruction and one-on-one attention provided a high level of confidence to achieve true success in becoming a helicopter pilot. When he as teamed up with Grant Hamilton as his instructor, this only got better! Grant was a real boost to his already eager ambition by providing academic challenge in a patient but firm style, along with a new friendship that was greatly welcomed. My son is well on his way to achieving his goals and a satisfying career with unbelievable job opportunities.

A very grateful mom,

Helene Scott