Iain Grant – Pro-Trac Studenet

Iain Grant


I found out about Northeast Helicotpers from their website while I was researching different flight schools. Northeast was the closest school to me, so I called to set up a demo flight.

When I arrived I was greeted by Rhonda Boulette who was happy to give me a tour and answer all my questions about the school and the town of Ellington. Everybody I met at the school that day was happy to talk to me and tell me about the school. I knew then that Northeast Helicopters was a freindly family environment and it made me feel welcome. Without visiting any other schools, I decided that Northeast was the place for me and I started a few months later.

Now I am nearing my SOLO and I’m having more fun than I could have ever imagined.

Iain Grant – Pro-Trac Student

Our First R22 Overhaul!



Jon Stone, Christening his R22 (31A) a bottle of champagne. An overhaul well done thanks to mechanic, Bob Boucher and owner, John Boulette.




Jon Stone, and owner, Rhonda Boulette celebrating the completion of the 1st. over haul performed at the school. Jon was extremely please with how beautiful his ship turned out.


Ray and Karen Cianfrini

It was definitely the best two years he has spent to date. He misses everyone, but has decided to enlist in the Army if he can get into the helicopter program. He hopes to get back to CT before he goes in so I’m sure you’ll see him again before long. We’re very grateful that we found your school and we consider the cost of his training well spent. You have a very professional staff and they are a great bunch to be around. We’re going to miss seeing everyone at Casey’s. Give my regards to Jeremy, he did a great job with Steve, and please say hello to everyone else for us. If we’re ever in your area, we’ll be sure to stop in and say hi. Good luck to you and everyone there at Northeast Helicopters.

Ray and Karen Cianfrini

Nancy and Russell Schiebel

SPECIALEVENTS 1Our son Alan, who is only 17, is now nearing his private pilot and commercial pilot status in his training. It makes us so very proud, knowing that he is at a a school that teaches it’s students with such extreme professionalism, expertise, care and safety. Each one of the NEH flight instructors has the endearing quality to reach each and every student on his or her own level, therefore, maximizing their potential.

Alan has been a student at Northeast Helicopters for just a short while (a little over a year and a half) and yet, with the level of teaching and the advanced progress he has made, it doesn’t seem that long. Alan has been getting the finest training from the very first moment he enter the establishment. He has always loved helicopters and how they fly. Even when he was a little boy, he would ask for some toy helicopter over another toy. It was this insatiable appetite for flying which gave us the idea to offer Alan that first memorable introductory flight.

We are proud to be a vital part of Northeast Helicopters and would be first in line to recommend the school.

Nancy and Russell Schiebel

Vuernick, Mitch – Captain Manager, Aviation Safety & Security CIGNA Corporate Aviation

Nobu was a good instructor and taught me well. When I first started with him I had some problems understanding him. His knowledge is first rate but I couldn’t get everything out of him that he offered due to cultural differences and my high time airplane/instrument experience might have caused an intimidation factor. Jeremy, Nobu and I talked about some issues throughout my training and it all worked out in the end. I thought about switching instructors but I made the commitment, plus it wouldn’t have been good for Nobu’s confidence or self esteem. I did to “Kill” Nobu a few times by doing airplane tngs in the R22, and he was a busy boy trying to fix them and I am here today to say he was very successful.

When I went to Sikorsky training, I could still hear his voice in my left ear telling me what to do so that means to me he taught me well even though there was a few bumps in the road. I give the guy credit since he can speak, read and write two languages and we lazy Americans can’t compete with that.

Everything I know about aviation has always been in fixed wing aircraft. It would have helped my transition if someone who had done what I did (high time airplane to helicopter) talked to me for an hour or so. What they could have said to me in a few minutes could have saved me lots of anguish. Since I’ve become that guy now, if you run into a student with my experience level transitioning, have them give me a call and I will gladly impart any information I have to help your instructors do there job a little easier.

My best to Rhonda and John

Mitch Vuernick-Captain

Manager, Aviation Safety and Security

CIGNA Corporate Aviation

Bradley International Airport