Vuernick, Mitch – Captain Manager, Aviation Safety & Security CIGNA Corporate Aviation

Nobu was a good instructor and taught me well. When I first started with him I had some problems understanding him. His knowledge is first rate but I couldn’t get everything out of him that he offered due to cultural differences and my high time airplane/instrument experience might have caused an intimidation factor. Jeremy, Nobu and I talked about some issues throughout my training and it all worked out in the end. I thought about switching instructors but I made the commitment, plus it wouldn’t have been good for Nobu’s confidence or self esteem. I did to “Kill” Nobu a few times by doing airplane tngs in the R22, and he was a busy boy trying to fix them and I am here today to say he was very successful.

When I went to Sikorsky training, I could still hear his voice in my left ear telling me what to do so that means to me he taught me well even though there was a few bumps in the road. I give the guy credit since he can speak, read and write two languages and we lazy Americans can’t compete with that.

Everything I know about aviation has always been in fixed wing aircraft. It would have helped my transition if someone who had done what I did (high time airplane to helicopter) talked to me for an hour or so. What they could have said to me in a few minutes could have saved me lots of anguish. Since I’ve become that guy now, if you run into a student with my experience level transitioning, have them give me a call and I will gladly impart any information I have to help your instructors do there job a little easier.

My best to Rhonda and John

Mitch Vuernick-Captain

Manager, Aviation Safety and Security

CIGNA Corporate Aviation

Bradley International Airport