Liberty Helicopters – Letter from Chief Pilot

Dear jason:

I thought that I would drop you a letter to let you know that over the past two years, all of the pilots that I have hired from Northeast Helicopters, have proved to be outstanding. They have all trained up to our standards very quickly, and have been able to move into missions that are more complex sooner than most pilots.

I would like you to know that I intend to maintain my relationship with Northeast Helicopters with high expectations of giving your staff an opportunity with Liberty Helicopters, Inc.


Richard F. Carozza

Chief Pilot, Liberty Helicopters

Charlie Cushing

Annie and Charlie

“When I made the decision to fly helicopters for a living, I tried to find a school that focused on professionalism. NEH was by far the most impressive. The atmosphere feels like family and everyone focuses on promoting safe, professional flying. The education I am receiving goes far beyond pilot training; everyone here truly loves the industry, so there is always more to talk about. John and Rhonda have their school operations down to a science; everything from scheduling to aircraft maintenance is always as it should be. CT is an excellent state to fly in, with great scenery, a variety of weather to help build experience and plenty of great places to stay while attending school. I highly recommend NEH to anyone fortunate enough to have caught the helicopter bus.”

Charlie Cushing – Bethlehem, NH