Lauren Thalheimer

Lauren T

NEH is unlike any other helicopter flight school I’ve seen or read about. Many schools out there are tiny with a fleet of maybe two helos and one or two instructors. NEH has a beautiful, large fleet of helos that are very well kept by their onsite knowledgeable mechanics. The CFII’s here are top notch, and are held to the highest standards, not to mention there are plenty of them, so it’s easy to fly often. You learn one-on-one with your instructor, which is the easiest and best way to become the best pilot you can. They teach us and test us to a high degree, making us reach beyond the “minimum requirements.” This isn’t some rinky-dink school. NEH has got a large hangar and classrooms all to themselves, and are HELICOPTERS ONLY!!! That was a big thing for me, I didn’t want to be stuffed into the “helicopter school” designated corner or room in some airplane school hangar, (which many other schools are). We are all about HELOS here! It’s a lot like a big family. It’s a lot of fun, I’d never go anywhere else.

Lauren Thalheimer – pro-Trac student

Evan Hamilton

Kwas Hamilton

Northeast Helicopters is a well oiled machine, run by highly trained professionals. This school is dedicated to providing potential helicopter pilots with all the tools necessary to obtain a professional license. I had no previous flight knowledge when I began my flight training, but this isn’t a concern at NEH. The patient staff here will literally take you from the ground up. Also, at NEH all training is done one-on-one with your appointed CFI, which I find to be a big plus. Flying helicopters has always been a dream of mine since I was very young. Now that dream is finally being fulfilled through the vision of John and Rhonda (owners of NEH) who have provided an extremely efficient learning environment in the field of helicopter flight.

Evan Hamilton, Pittsfield, MA

Mike Rosenbush – Pro-Trac Student

Mike Rosenbush Checkride


My goal when searching for a helicopter training program was to find a school that was extremely safety and maintenance conscious, offered structured training courses and was very protective on my monetary investment. Not only have I found this at Northeast Helicopters, but I also found a friendly, family oriented staff and students who know how to perfectly balance training and fun. I’m also excited to be training in New England, the home of such well-known helicopter companies as Doman, Kaman and Sikorsky, and a part of the country that offers four seasons of flying, to help make any pilot a well-rounded aviator.

Mike Rosenbush, Pro-Trac student

Glastonbury, CT