Christmas Appetizers

Rhonda made stuffed clams, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, cocktail meatballs not to mention other items.

Of course we had “happy” egg-nog and Hot buttered rum.

We were happy to get a surprise visit from former CFI, Grant Hamilton. Grant works for Dartmouth flying EMS in New England, VT and New Hampshire.

We were also happy to see new student John Gore visit.

Happy Holidays to all of the staff!

CFI, and his famous Vodka Pasta!

Charlie Making Pasta Vodka 001


Before the holidays, the school enjoyed many treats. Charlie made his famous Vodka Pasta for all of us.

BOY did we pig out!!!

Excellent job Charlie! Your pasta Rocks!


IMG 0087


Charlie preparing the table for lunch.





IMG 0089

New student, Stuart Webster waiting for lunch.






IMG 0090


Great spread. THANKS CHARLIE!!

An old student solo photo

A long time ago…right here in Ellington, one of our instructors was approached by a young guy named Han Friedman who wanted to hone his flying skills. The instructor explained that the best flying skills to be had were obtained by learning to fly helicopters. Well long story short, young Mr. Friedman signed up for lessons with us and really took to flying well. We dug up an old photo of Mr. Friedman just in time for the holidays and just thought it would be nice to share. Ordinarily we hear back from our alumni, but this is one guy we never heard from…now what could he be up to?





Han “Solo” Friedman – 1st Solo in the Aluminum Falcon – Great job!




We also found these notes from his instructor:

– “always asking about how to convert knots to parsecs…must look this up for him.”

– “Solo cross-country to “Kessel”…well planned, but fly slower next time.

– “Note…a little too interested in the smuggling capabilities of the R22…may need to bring this up with the chief if it continues.”

Happy Holidays from the Northeast Helicopter Family!

2008 Christmas Card-2


A few staff were missing this year unfortunately. Reid Carberry – Dispatch, Kenny Rebuck – Dispatch, and Owner, John Boulette.


Top, in the helicopter, Marlin Kontje, CFII. Top left to right: John Simone – CFII, Bob Boucher – Mechanic, Tim Dunn – Assistant Chief, Henry Churchill – CFII, Charlie Cushing – CFII. Left to Right, Mike Rosenbush – CFII, Andrew Putnam – CFII, Matt Irsfeld – CFII, Rhonda Boulette – Owner, and Brent Duca – CFII.

Happy Holiday’s from all of us at NEH

Fly Safe in 2009

Hangar Chat – Flying in the Gulf!

Tuesday, December 2, 08 the school held another “Hangar Chat”. We were so lucky to have our alumni participate for the event. Chris Grundy (PHI – Corpus Christi, TX), Bob Lynch (Air Logistics – Louisiana) and Jason Sohn, (fomerly from Air Logistics – Louisiana, now flying for Liberty Helicopters in NYC).

Then…. out of the clear blue, Mark Smith, shows up to visit. Mark is going back many, many years with NEH. Mark is flying for PHI also.

There was great talk and the evening was extremely informative. Everyone had a real good time.

Rhonda made her homemade ziti and not a drop was left by the end of the night.

Thank you Bob, Chris, and Jason for making this evening so special! You guys are the best!

Hangar Chat – Off-Shore Alumni Visit

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 our “Hangar Chat” will consist of three of NEH Alumni that fly or have flown off-shore.

Christopher Grundy will be attending. Chris flies the S-92 and S-76 for PHI (Petroleum Helicopter Inc.) in Corpus Christi, TX.

Bob Lynch who flies for Air Logistics in Louisianna will be attending, and Jason Sohn who also flew for Air Log, but is currently flying tours for Liberty Helicopters in New York City.

This is going to be an AWESOME hangar chat. Rhonda will be making a big feast for everyone so come hungry!

We hope you can attend. Call the school and let Rhonda know if you can attend, so she makes enough food for everyone!

New York City comes to the country to FLY helicopters!

Klynt, Dalia and Liz


The newest group of students from New York City to join the Northeast family are: Klynt Hay from West New York, NJ, Dalia Rodriguez from NY, NY and Elizabeth Kassman from NY, NY.

Klynt is a professional photographer and that is how he met Liz Kassman who is a model. Dalia is an Independant Contractor. All three are adding “helicopter pilot” to their resumes.

The three of them arranged the same training schedules with their instructors so they can car pool together up to CT.  They have back to back classes three days a week and stay at the Northeast Helicopters apartments.  It’s working out great! Welcome!

Congratulations to New CFII, Brent Duca!

Brent Duca


Congratuations to New CFII, Brent Duca!

Brent Duca took his first demo flight back in at 1998, when he was 16 years old at Northeast Helicopters. He was hooked. Brent broke our record of the fastest, most aggressive “Pro-Trac” student completing the entire program in one year! We are congratulating Brent for work well done, complete dedication and becoming a Northeast Helicopters Flight Instructor! Way to GO!

Wedding Arrival in Style

landing 2

Well, if you’re a helicopter pilot, why not? Jeremy Gray, former instructor and soon-to-be Blackhawk pilot showed up for his wedding in a manner that only a helicopter pilot and enthusiast could, he flew himself and his Dad in with the help of former student and R44 owner Mark DiTomasso. What could be better than landing a helicopter at a fancy affair and stepping out in a tux? Now THAT is an entrance that even James Bond would find impressive. Congrats to Jeremy and Kim! landing 3

NY State Police Alumni Visits

Former student and instructor Roger Skinner stopped by his old stomping grounds with his wife Laura and boys Jarod and Clark.


Roger is flying Huey 2, Bell 430 and Bell 407 helicopters for the New York State Police aviation unit where he flies a variety of missions. He has many flight hours in a variety of roles and we hope to have him back as a featured guest at one of our hangar chats…stay tuned. In the mean time, thanks for visiting Skinner family!

If you are reading this and you are an alumni, please contact us and let us know what you are up to, or better yet, drop in to 7B9 and say hello. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Northeast Newsletter to keep up with what’s happening at the school.