News Channel 8 visits with Northeast Helicopters students.

Channel 8 pilot Dan Peterman shares his experience.


We all enjoyed the evening and learned so much about what the ENG field is like. Everyone had questions that Dan was more than willing to answer.

Despite thousands of hours in a Bell Longranger 206L3, Dan had his first flight in the Robinson R22, which he was a natural.

Like always, no activity at the school can happen without a cookout with plenty of food and beverages. At the close of the evening, everyone left with more industry knowledge and a full stomach.

Students Attend Survival Systems “Ditching Course”

As commercial pilots, we can anticipate being exposed to very many environmental conditions, and being prepared for unforeseen circumstances can prove very valuable not only for our own lives, but also to the passengers we’ll carry. The “Ditching Course” with Survival Systems in Groton, CT, offered a very wide variety of scenarios, anything from extinguishing a fire in the cockpit, to utilizing simple techniques to minimizing your exposure to hypothermia, to working your way around a rescue hoist. The most important part of the day was of course the aircraft egress exercise. The goal is to get a sense of what to expect and how to react should we find ourselves having to make an emergency landing into the water.

The simulator is equipped with 6 different kinds of doors, so that you can work around the kind that is closest to the aircraft you normally fly. Each of the 6 dunks into the pool is a different scenario, most set you up in an inverted position that you must recover from. The first dunk can feel awkward, but with each following one, you become more and more calm and efficient in getting out of the “aircraft”.

The entire day was geared to teach us about water survival and safety, a well worth investment, not to mention a ton of fun!

Ivona Redlinska – Pro-Trac student

Jason Saccente – Private Pilot

“I recently finished my private rating at NEH. For every bit of hard work that I put in toward this rating, I found it matched by one or more members of the Northeast Helicopter team. The professional staff along with a strong family environment made my experience both highly educational and enjoyable. I look forward to continuing my training at NEH and I would encourage anyone interested in the field of helicopter aviation to come join us!”

Vadim Vagapov – Instrument Course Graduate

“I am learning so much more with instruments here in the US versus Russia. I feel very comfortable flying in Ellington, CT. It is a good location and is close to major airports like Bradley International for my Instrument flying. Ellington is not a controlled airport, which I like because we don’t have to wait for clearance or waste time and money taxiing, yet we are minutes from Bradley International and Brainard airports where we work on our radio and skills with the control towers.

My Instructor teaches thoroughly and does not waste my money doing it. He always looks for cost effective ways to train me, unlike other schools where they tend to find reasons to spend your money for you. My instructor saves me money and still gives me the best quality training there is. This is how everyone at NEH teaches.

I began flying fixed wing at the age of 15 in Russia. I have 120 hours of fixed wing time. After high school I joined the “Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots” in Russia.

I have a Masters Degree and have been studying for 5-1/2 years. I served at the Siberian border for eight months after graduation.

I flew Russian helicopters, MI8 and MI2 with a total of 250 Russian helicopter hours, 16 parachute jumps and was a co-pilot with utility helicopters. I was a 2nd Lieutenant.

I came to the USA 5-1/2 years ago, and I have my green card. I plan to get all my American Helicopter Ratings, become a flight instructor to build my hours and fly commercial in the USA.”

Vadim Vagapov

Pro-Trac Student

Marlin Kontje – CFI

Having just completed the Certified Flight Instructor Course at NEH I have been reminded yet again of a very important fact…there is never a time when a pilot is not learning new things. There is always new information to be learned from others and from oneself. To learn to fly a helicopter is to learn a skill from a teacher. To teach someone to fly a helicopter is to truly know how to fly one yourself.

People say that the first flight during the Flight Instructor Course is like learning to fly all over again. This could be applied not only to that first flight but to the whole course. Learning to be a helicopter flight instructor is like re-teaching yourself everything you were once taught.

I was prepared for this course very thoroughly at NEH and given excellent guidance throughout. It is a demanding and rewarding course and it is training of the quality I’ll remember for the rest of my career. “

Marlin Kontje


Henry Churchill – Pro-Trac Student and NEH Flight Instructor

Henry Churchill Pro-Trac Student and NEH CFII“The pro-trac program at Northeast was great for me.  Instruction was all 1 on 1, so I was always able to really go in depth on items that were difficult for me, and address any problems that I ever had.  My instructors were always accommodating with my schedule.  I worked and went to school while training at Northeast, so that was very important.  Another thing that was nice was how there is really a community here at the flight school.   Between the students and instructors there are a lot of people here crazy about helicopters, and I’ve made a lot of friends here moving through the program.  I’ve had many invaluable experiences and also managed to have a lot of fun as well.”

Ivona Redlinska – Commercial Pilot

Ivona Redlinska - Commercial Pilot

“Through each rating I’ve been thoroughly trained and exposed to various flying situations, such as flying to NYC, which was a flight my instructor and I did, as part of my commercial cross-country requirements.

We frequently take trips to local ATC facilities that we fly at and attend seminars in the area, and are encouraged to ride-along with industry professionals, such as EMS and ENG, in order to understand performance demands from various perspectives, which I feel reflects in the well rounded pilots we’re becoming.

NEH is a solid environment of motivated pilots that encourage one another to constantly improve to the next level of becoming resourceful and safe.”

At NEH, our team of instructors have set up Safety, Long-Line, and Maintenance workshops, to better its students.

NEH is a school that I personally experienced to be very respectfully known for a superior kind of pilot training. I had originally done my demo flight elsewhere and was told, that if I was serious about this being my future, Northeast Helicopters was the place to go. I’m very glad I took that advice!”

-Ivona Redlinska

Pro-Trac Student, Commercial Pilot