Tseko Vachev’s Cross-County To New York/Canadian Border

Tseko planning flightOn August 20th, 2008 my instructor Andy and I decided to fly to my home in St. Lawrence County, NY, where I have an FAA approved View




heliport. With that in mind, we spent many hours determining the route course and many phone calls to FBO’s for fuel.

Finally, at 3:30 PM we departed airport

Ellington, CT and made our first stop to Saratoga, NY for fuel and then made arrangements for fuel at Piseco, NY which is an airport in the Adirondack mountains. The view was so spectacular that we took many beautiful pictures of the Adirondack’s, to include a spectacular picture of the Saranac Airport with 26NE with the mountains behind.Cockpit View Center

Andy and I then flew to my private heliport and arrived at 8:30 PM with many friends, family and guests to welcome us. We then flew to Ogdensburg, NY and the Utica Airport for fuel.

We finally arrived back safely to Ellington, CT at 1:30 AM. Andy and I had a very fun time and were amazed by the fantastic sites.helicopters

I don’t think we broke a school records because of trips back and forth to the RHC factory, but this cross country was 490 NM round trip.

Thank you again, Northeast Helicopters and John and Rhonda

HAI President speaks on Helicopter Pilot Shortage

“The pilot shortage is here…. a number of operators are having difficulty filling their cockpits. Pilots are becoming difficult to find. Not only is the helicopter industry growing rapidly but the retirement of Vietnam-era pilots are causing a shortage of qualified personnel. The industry needs to redouble its efforts to attract young people.”

Matt Zuccaro – HAI President

Australian Helicopter Pilot visits NEH



Neil Weste, a fellow helicopter pilot from Newcastle Australia stopped in for visit at NEH. He has lived in this area in the past from some time and was back visiting family and passing through.

Neil operates a Robinson R44 flying Safari Tours in Australia and had some cool stories to share.




Check out the pictures of his Safari adventures! Just another awesome job you can do once you’re a professional helicopter pilot!





Thanks for the visit Neil. Blue skies! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Lifestar (EMS) from Hartford, CT. visits Northeast Helicopters at Ellington Airport.

For the July 2008 Hangar Chat we invited the LifeStar team located at Hartford Hospital to visit us at Northeast Helicopters. It was a pleasure learning about EMS flying from these seasoned professionals.

Group 2

Here are a few pictures of Rich Manger (Lifestar Pilot) answering questions for the students interested in a career in EMS.




Group 3After the question and answer portion of the night was the BBQ. Plenty of food and beverages for everyone.





Lifestar Approach 1

And for the grand finale the on duty staff actually flew the BK 117 into Ellington and let the students explore while discussing the use of some of the equipment.



Lifestar Approach 2

Here they are conducting a standard EMS approach as they would on an actual scene.




Lifestar Approach 3

Inside BK


The amount of Technology in the aircraft is amazing. This helicopter has the capability of transporting two patients at a time.



Lifestar runup






Thank you so much Rich and the Lifestar team for visiting us and sharing with our students! Good luck and fly safe.

Announcement: Note To Parents

A Note to Parents:

Many of Northeast Helicopters students come through our door fresh out of high school to relocate here for training.

For many this is their first experience away from their family and friends, which can be exciting as well as a bit scary, (for mom and dad too). John, Rhonda and the staff understand these emotions.

Northeast Helicopters encourages parents to visit our facility with their son or daughter so that they can experience firsthand the professional and courteous staff and owners. When you arrive at Northeast Helicopters, you will immediately feel the warmth of our “family atmosphere’ and true friendliness.

Our promise is to maintain this atmosphere, so that students never feel intimidated or unwelcome.

Northeast strives to provide quality training in a relaxed environment. The owners are involved in day to day operations at the school and keep an open door for conversation and mixing with all the students. Parents can phone anytime to speak to John or Rhonda concerning their son or daughter.

Please enjoy some parents’ views on Northeast Helicopters, the owners and the staff.

Adam Moody

Adam Moody 2I write today to share with you my past and present experiences with helicopter flight training, and hopefully, relieve you of some hardships.

I started my flight school search in 2005, the way I think most of us do; on the Internet. I was quickly drawn to many of the large schools. On my school visits, I was impressed by the business, people bustling about, marking down flight blocks on boards, the steady buzz of calls on the radio at dispatch. If I’d known about all the details that coincided with this environment.

I toured several schools and always went on a demo flight while there. After two years of working in construction, I had saved up enough money to support my budget while I was in school. I secured my financing and my family and I moved across the country into our new rental home. The logistics were perfect; the budget, the house, and the area. I was going to live a dream.

My aspirations and hopes soon turned into worry, concern, and doubt in a matter of months. What had happened? My perfect plan wasn’t working. Terms such as ‘pilot factory’ brought on new meaning. I found that busy radio wasn’t so conducive to beginner learning. Only after several days of waiting two to four hours to reserve my time slot on the pattern board would I truly understand how much time I would waste due to the overwhelming amount of traffic. But, all that aside, with all my efforts focused on studying and flying I was still unsatisfied with my rate of learning. I always felt incapable after my lessons. After multiple attempts to reconcile the problem, I decided to give up on my logistics and started a new search for a flight school.

After careful investigation I decided on Northeast Helicopters. We unfortunately, could not afford to move many of our belonging back to the east coast with us, and were lucky enough to have family that would let us stay with them until we got back on our feet. I now work three days a week and have classes the other four days and I have never been happier.

The staff at NEH is like family. The facilities are comfortable and accommodating. The aircraft are highly maintained and always available. The airspace is subtle and complex. Please take my advice, and if you think you’ve found the perfect school already, take the time to come visit us. Don’t forget your log book.

Adam Moody – Pro-Trac student