Congratulations to New CFII, Brent Duca!

Brent Duca


Congratuations to New CFII, Brent Duca!

Brent Duca took his first demo flight back in at 1998, when he was 16 years old at Northeast Helicopters. He was hooked. Brent broke our record of the fastest, most aggressive “Pro-Trac” student completing the entire program in one year! We are congratulating Brent for work well done, complete dedication and becoming a Northeast Helicopters Flight Instructor! Way to GO!

Wedding Arrival in Style

landing 2

Well, if you’re a helicopter pilot, why not? Jeremy Gray, former instructor and soon-to-be Blackhawk pilot showed up for his wedding in a manner that only a helicopter pilot and enthusiast could, he flew himself and his Dad in with the help of former student and R44 owner Mark DiTomasso. What could be better than landing a helicopter at a fancy affair and stepping out in a tux? Now THAT is an entrance that even James Bond would find impressive. Congrats to Jeremy and Kim! landing 3

NY State Police Alumni Visits

Former student and instructor Roger Skinner stopped by his old stomping grounds with his wife Laura and boys Jarod and Clark.


Roger is flying Huey 2, Bell 430 and Bell 407 helicopters for the New York State Police aviation unit where he flies a variety of missions. He has many flight hours in a variety of roles and we hope to have him back as a featured guest at one of our hangar chats…stay tuned. In the mean time, thanks for visiting Skinner family!

If you are reading this and you are an alumni, please contact us and let us know what you are up to, or better yet, drop in to 7B9 and say hello. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Northeast Newsletter to keep up with what’s happening at the school.

Scholarship Winner Party

The weather was perfect for a beginning of fall party at Northeast Helicopters to welcome Judith Stanton, Whirly-Girl Scholarship winner for 2008. Judith won the Northeast Helicopter scholarship and wants to use the scholarship money towards her CFI rating. We are so happy to have her with us.

Along with Judith arriving our fixed wing friends from Houston, TX (JVP) flew up to CT in their Baron to visit with us. It is always so much fun to see John VanPaasschen and Caro Maitland.

A great surprise was to see alumni Trish Boyer that afternoon too! Trish and her boyfriend Bob came in to see us. Trish is loving her career flying for AAG in New York, and her boyfriend is a pilot too.

We had a spread of specialties made by John, Rhonda and Matt Irsfeld. Rhonda made her “Chopper Chili” with homemade cornbread. John made his incredibly hot homemade salsa (and a mild version too for the wimps) and we convinced Matt to make his famous “Enchiladas”. We can’t forget, dessert. Ann Marie, brought those incredible bars and the most richest brownies we have ever had.

CFII, Mike Rosenbush and Rhonda finally, after over a year of designing and working on the new website, got a chance to celebrate and enjoy a well deserved martini together. Pro-Trac student, Lauren Thalheimer who also work diligently with us on this year long project wasn’t able to join us. “Lauren, we toasted you too!” We wish you could be with us.

Everyone had a lot of fun, and ate way too much!

Chaisson, Cheri



On October 24th, Cheri passed her Private Pilot check ride with Larry Durocher.

Congratulations Cheri! Now on to Instrument and becoming a Whirly-Girl!