Hangar Chat – Off-Shore Alumni Visit

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 our “Hangar Chat” will consist of three of NEH Alumni that fly or have flown off-shore.

Christopher Grundy will be attending. Chris flies the S-92 and S-76 for PHI (Petroleum Helicopter Inc.) in Corpus Christi, TX.

Bob Lynch who flies for Air Logistics in Louisianna will be attending, and Jason Sohn who also flew for Air Log, but is currently flying tours for Liberty Helicopters in New York City.

This is going to be an AWESOME hangar chat. Rhonda will be making a big feast for everyone so come hungry!

We hope you can attend. Call the school and let Rhonda know if you can attend, so she makes enough food for everyone!

New York City comes to the country to FLY helicopters!

Klynt, Dalia and Liz


The newest group of students from New York City to join the Northeast family are: Klynt Hay from West New York, NJ, Dalia Rodriguez from NY, NY and Elizabeth Kassman from NY, NY.

Klynt is a professional photographer and that is how he met Liz Kassman who is a model. Dalia is an Independant Contractor. All three are adding “helicopter pilot” to their resumes.

The three of them arranged the same training schedules with their instructors so they can car pool together up to CT.  They have back to back classes three days a week and stay at the Northeast Helicopters apartments.  It’s working out great! Welcome!

Grundy, Christopher


Christopher Grundy flies for PHI (Petroleum Helicopter Company) in their Texas branch. Chris has been flying for them for two years now. He operates the S-92 and the S-76.

Terge, Engus

Enguis flying in the North Sea

He is Captain and Instructor on Sikorsky S92 North Sea, North Sea operation.

Engus works for CHC Europe/Norway.

Nordaas, Arnstein

Arnstein is the Captain on a Super Puma AS332L1 stationed offshore on an oil rig in the North Sea doing AWSAR (All weather search and rescue).

Arnstein works for CHC Europe/Norway.

Vance, Rick – Pro-Trac Student

Rick Vance - Pro-Trac Student

When I first came to Northeast Helicopters I was a little nervous about what I was going to encounter. But that quickly disappeared after I went for my demo flight and then was able to sit down and talk with Rhonda. She quickly made me feel comfortable about the school and the instructors. She helped me throughout my loan process and got me quickly underway.

Since my flight training got started, I’ve learned an incredible amount and feel great about my instructor, Mike, and all the other instructors that make me feel right at home. All the instructors are extremely professional and it makes for a great learning experience. The program moves at a pace that not only makes you comfortable but is comprehensive as well as in depth, and is offering me not only the knowledge, but a lot of the experience that will help me in my future as a helicopter pilot.

Rick Vance – Pro-Trac student