Holiday Treats for Students and Staff

Everyone seems to go home early during the holidays, especially with so many students living in other states. But, we did our best to have goodies and entertain to kick off the holiday season.

Rhonda had homemade soup, banana butterscotch bread, nut goodie bars, as well as Apple French Toast for brunch one day. Wednesday, Dec. 23, we had a spread throughout the day, ran out of food early though. Plenty of hot buttered rum with spiked egg nog. Mary brought in a great bottle of wine. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Visitor from India

Demo 2

Manjusha, a friend of Akash’s visited Northeast Helicopters in November, 09.

She was excited to take the controls of the R22.

Manjusha works in India for the Indian Airlines.

Welcome to NEH!!!

Sallie Mae continues to offer career financing

sallielogoDespite the downturn in the economy and the accompanying decrease in the general availbility of financial resources for everything from home mortgages to educational loans, Sallie Mae Financial continues to offer Northeast Helicopters Students financing through Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loans(R) for helicopter flight training.

Northeast has one of the largest communities of students who utilize the Sallie Mae financial options and we are always happy to share our in-depth knowledge of the program with potential students. Please contact the school and let us help you finance your new career.

Charlie’s Goodbye Party at On the Border!

Now this was a night to remember. We celebrated with our guest of honor, CFII Charlie Cushing. Also, Nick Ask from Sweden wrapped up another rating (Commercial) in record breaking time, AGAIN!!

Will Markiewicz passed his private pilot check ride this week too, and we welcomed Reagan Jones to the staff as our newest CFII.

Plenty of Mexican food and drinks this night. Everyone had a lot of laughs.

Charlie, we wish you the very best and we know you will stay in touch! Fly Safe out there!

End of Summer Celebration for Many Good Things

The students and the instructors at NEH are the best! You pilots “ROCK!” John and I sincerely thank you all for your patience and not complaining while we struggled through a most difficult time concerning Instrument Helicopters.

We celebrated our Instrument R22 being out of overhaul now, and the arrival of our brand new Schweizer 300CBi from the factory. We also celebrated our new students. CFI, fixed wing, Akash from Texas, Dan and Brandon from NYC. Welcome to the school. It’s going to be a great fall.

We had plenty of food and beverages, and no one went home hungry, that’s for sure!

Welcome Akash Patel

IMG 0362

Akash Patel (right) will be arriving in CT on August 31, 09.

Akash is a CFI fixed wing pilot, and has an interest in helicopters. We met Akash in Texas back in February 09.

We want to wish Akash a very warm welcome to the school. Welcome to the NEH family!!! You know there will be a party!! Don’t worry Mom and Dad, we will take good care of your son.

Tanya (left), Rhonda (middle) and Akash (right).