2009 Aero Club of New England Scholarship

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If you can not stop by the school to pick up the application, you can down load it on line from their website at your convienence.

Keep in mind to qualify for the scholarships the applicant must be:

1. A New England Resident

2. Use the scholarship funds in one year

3. At least 16 years of age

4. Intending to pursue a professional aviation career

5. In possession of a current medical certificate

6. Traning in a New England facility doing business as a flight school.

This year the maximum Flight Training award is $3,000.00.

Dispatch gets some R44 Time!

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Bill and Kenny took a flight to NYC to see the sights.

Bill, (Monster Aviation) has a beautiful R44 and loves to fly it!

Way to go Kenny, everyone is drooling over your good fortune!


IMG 0325









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Along with the awesome chili’s that everyone brought, Matt Irsfeld made his famous Enchiladas. John Boulette made his best salsa EVER, Rhonda whipped up some homemade cornbread along with some back up chili. Assistant Chief, Tim Dunn made his “delish” Mexican dip. We also served some great desserts including “Mexican brownies!” Of course Corona’s were available from Mike Rosenbush.

After some pretty difficult voting, the winners were:

1st Place – Reagan Jones

2nd Place – Brian Houlihan

3rd Place – David Adamitis

Prizes included money on their training accounts and some great fun chili gifts! Everyone was a winner, and all contestants received gifts.

Okay everyone, start working on next year!

Unfortunately due to computer glitches, the pictures of all the winners and prizes were lost in the computer. If we can recover them somehow they will be added later.

Moose tranquilized, tagged in Barkhamsted

Moose Capture

It took two years, but state Department of Environmental Protection biologists finally tracked and placed a collar on one of the state’s elusive resident moose.

A two-year-old male, known as a bull, is now wearing tage No. 2 and a high tech collar embedded with a computer chip equipped with a global positioning system. For more on this story,

click on or tpe the URL below:



Horn, Matthew

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Matt Horn is from South Dakota. Matt relocated to CT to train with NEH and was a CFII.

He then moved back to the Midwest, and worked for Iowa Helicopters as a CFII.

He then moved on to PHI flying offshore. Now he is flying EMS in Missouri, and still helps run Iowa Helicopters. Thank you Matt for the update!