Northeast Student Eric Atkins builds own helicopter



Airline Transport Pilot Eric Atkins (center) has been flying private jets and turboprops from his Oxford base for many years. But two and half years ago he and his Dad took on an incredible project, build their own experimental helicopter.



The helicycle is a single-place turbine powered helicopter with an amazing history of design by BJ Schramm, a well-known helicopter designer.

As part of the completion steps Eric needed a solo endorsement from an R22. A few months ago Eric came to us and paired up with Mike Rosenbush who helped him accomplish that first step. Now, Eric takes to the skies in his helicycle and is looking forward to a great summer of thrills and fun. Congratulations Eric and Karl! We hope you visit often!



Eric’s panel includes everything needed for day and night VFR flying.

We know what you’re thinking, we want to fly it too!





New CFII, Kevin Raftery

IMG 1622[1]

GREAT JOB, Kevin! Welcome to the NEH staff! It’s going to be a great summer!!

Kevin has worked as a Civil Engineer in Water Resources for 11 years in Boston. He attended college in Boston as well. Now he is a Instructor and moving to CT.

Welcome Kevin!

New Schweizer Arrival

the Schweizer is here!The new Schweizer 300CBi will be arriving from the factory the middle to end of June, 2009. We will keep you posted when we take delivery from the factory.

Anyone that has been waiting to train in the 300CBi, please contact Tim Dunn for scheuling.

Alberto Passes his Private Pilot Check Ride

Alberto Pass

Alberto Ellena, a very experienced multi-engine instrument airplane pilot, originally from Italy but working in Chile, has been working toward the great accomplishment of adding a private pilot helicopter rating to his many aviation accomplishments. We are proud to see he accomplished his goal, and is on toward adding a commercial rating. Alberto and his instructor Mike after he completed his check ride. Great job Alberto!

Sohn, Jason, Springfield, IL

Saints 1 NICU 5-2-09i

I am doing really well out here in Springfield, IL. It has been a hectic past few months with traveling all over for training, and then moving, and getting everything set up in my apartment as well as getting used to working somewhere new again. So I am finally getting settled and the new job is really going well.

I am flying a BK-117b2 for Air Methods and we are based here at St. John’s hospital in Springfield, IL. Right now we are just flying specialty teams for Neonate and Pediatrics intensive care units, but our adult program has been approved, so they are staffing the positions now, and we should be up and running in a few months. When that happens, we will start flying trauma patients, and do scene calls too. Right now everything we do is hospital to hospital transfers, except for PR’s and such. Which I actually got to do one yesterday, so we landed in the park for St. John’s safety day. That is where the picture is from. I also attached one of them lifting off for a NICU flight yesterday. Of course the flight came in right at shift change and I did not ahve enought duty time to take it. Oh well, what can you do?

Hope all is going well with you guys.