Spring into Summer Cookout! Oh What a Night!

It was a really nice evening. Old students we have not seen in quite some time joined us. It is great having Lauren back and Kellen too. We had plenty to celebrate as Matt Miller successfully passed his Private checkride. John Goldsnider had his first solo flight this week that was just awesome! We got a chance to give a warm NEH welcome to our new student David Morgan who relocated and moved here from Florida to train with us. We also got to spend some time and get to know William Green, from Salem, CT who is interested in flight training with us. William we hope you come aboard!

Marlin was the grill master for the night and the food turned out awesome! The stories were incredible, rehashing old times and crazy stuff that happened at the airport in the past. Story time is the best time! Talk about laughing! The beer helped too!

First Cookout of the Summer

Rain or shine, the BBQ will be cooking that night. We hope that everyone can attend and if you want to bring something to eat or drink, that would be great!

Hope to see you all there!

Potential Student

You have provided me with more assistance and went out of your way more than anyone I have talked with while tring to secure financing for flight training.

Your efforts are much appreciated and I’m glad to know that there are proprietors like yourself in this industry that continue to provide assistance to future students not just with training, but in securing the financing and living arrangements as well as additional income. Your actions speak louder than your words and it is obvious to me that you do everything you can to ensure the success of your business, the industry, and your students. Caring seems to be at the core of your success and people like you keep people like me going. Thank you Rhonda!

A letter from student Gene Milowicki

It has been a pleasure to train at a school that is uncompromisingly professional, but at the same time maintains a friendly, relaxed training environment. I am glad that I found Northeast Helicopters about 18 months ago, as it has been a real blessing in helping me attain my helicopter flying goals and aspirations.

Please pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to Jeremy Gray, Henry Churchill, and Tim Dunn. All of these flight instructors provided quality, standardized flight training tailored to my individual needs and skill level. Due to the efforts of this group of very professional and focused flight instructors, I was able to attain my goals in a minimum amount of flying time without compromising anything in terms of either quality or safety. Also, please pass along my special appreciation to Charlie Cushing. I was fortunate to have Charlie as a check pilot on a couple of my stage check rides. I was very impressed with his very high standards and constructive criticism, as well as his many creative and innovative contributions to the school’s training materials and curriculum. Charlie adds a lot to the school, and I have no dobut that he will be highly successful as both a professional helicopter pilot and a leader and manager in the industry. Finally, please pass my thanks and regards to your husband, John, and everyone else at the school from the desk dispatch personnel to the A & P mechanics, and all of the other instructors and students. I will miss everyone. If I had more time in the area, I would certainly be trying to maintain my relationship with NEH as one of your instructors.


Gene V. Milowicki