Summer BBQ to Welcome Back Blake!

Thursday July 23, we had a celebration at the school. Blake Chaplin, a student of ours for a few years, has moved to Ellington to work full time on completing her Instrument Rating. We are so happy to have her down here.

Shaun Boyton passed his private pilot check ride recently. Congratulations to Shaun!

A great treat, Charlie Cushing at dark performed his “Fire Poi” for all of us, to some great music. We got it on video, but not much for pictures. Awesome job Charlie, that is truly a craft!

It was a fun night!

NEH Alumni working for Temsco in Alaska


A career as a helicopter pilot can take you so many places, and our latest batch of Alumni have found themselves in some of the most beautiful wilderness on the planet. Temsco Helicopters in Alaska is their new home.




Left to right: Ivona, KWAS (going crazy), Andy and Steve! WE MISS YOU!


Arguably their offices have a better view than most…maybe someday yours will too!

Homemade Onion Rings for Lunch

Rhonda made homemade onion rings and we celebrated the beginning of July 2009 with onion rings and burgers for lunch. Nice treat! Also a way to welcome potential student Ed and his friend Mike from the Groton, CT area. Yes, Ed, we do this a lot!

Also a big happy 21st birthday wish to Will Markiewicz! Happy Birthday!

Welcome to Alexander Kern

Alex and Marlin


Alexander received his Private Pilot rating from Los Angeles Helicopters, in CA.

Alexander is visiting CT and is brushing up on his flying skills while in town. He has been flying with different NEH CFI’s, like Marlin.

He plans to get a introductory flight regarding Instrument training before he returns to Germany! Who know’s maybe he will chose us for his Instrument training!

Welcome to the family Alexander! We are happy to have you with us.