Is Alumni Mike Kwas Loopy?

This is how it usually goes…you think about flying helicopters, you save up, get loans, pursue career benefits, etc, you enroll in a seriously great school, study hard and graduate, then you teach, and then you go out and fly.

101627021HB090 Red Bull Air

But if you are former student and instructor Mike Kwas, you not only fly, you keep your passion for teaching, become a Training Captain for Liberty Helicopters in New York City, become an Alaskan tour pilot, and fly EMS rescue missions too. Then you are hanging around working at the latest New York City contract one day… (did we mention NYC is one of the busiest helicopter traffic areas in the country? Did we also mention that MANY of our alumni fly there as a first real gig? Anyway…I digress…)


This contract? Provide wide-shot camera coverage for the live tv broadcast and still photos of the air race, and shuttle Red Bull Air Race pilots from the operational base airport to the air race course in New York Harbor.

101946421HB009 Red Bull Air

Anyway Red Bull, in addition to being a high energy drink, happens to have the only commercial aerobatic helicopter in the U.S. right now. Yeah…you know, Chuck Aaron? The crazy helo pilot that does the loops?

IMG 0649

As you might expect, we don’t practice that maneuver during training (but then again, no one does…the rotor flapping in plane causes…and the gravity-fed fuel system means…oh never mind, save that stuff for ground school but suffice it to say you need a special
helicopter and a LOT of experience to do it..) So Chuck Aaron walks in to the red bull air race and…he hasn’t flown in the complicated airspace of New York City yet…and…he’s about to perform here. Who could take him around town in the special aerobatic BO-105 and show him the ropes? Who was trained properly from the start in helicopter operations, Class B airspace and helicopter routes? Our alumni Mike Kwas, that’s who.

IMG 0647

IMG 0645

As you can see in the pictures, Chuck took Mike in the BO-105 around NYC while Mike showed him the local ropes. Okay, he didn’t do a loop, but he didn’t vomit all over Chuck’s baby either….still if you look closely, you’ll see his hands on the controls of the only commercial aerobatic helicopter in the U.S.! Later, Mike flew one of only two helicopters authorized to fly inside the air race flight restrictions to capture photos of the race like this!

101946421HB005 Hannes Arch

And to think it all started at Northeast?!

Nice work Mike…but keep ’em upright!

New Student – Mike Nuzzi NYC

IMG 3394

My name is Mike Nuzzi, I commute from NYC to Ellington, CT to train at NEH.

I am 21 years old. I’m self described as a “cool guy”. I am unanimously described as a “Slanny Guy”

Upon first arriving in Ellington, I didn’t know what to think. Being a city boy, I was slightly intimidated by all the corn fields. My opinion immediately changed once I pulled up at Northeast Helicopters. I was instantly greeted by some of the nicest people I have ever met. Rhonda, one of the owners, an overall sweetheart, ran up to me with a smile from ear to ear to welcome me to the Northeast Helicopter family, which is the only way to describe our school. A family of pilots which are extremely knowledgeable and eager to share and help one learn in whatever way they can, generally good people. You can expect a professional, yet fun atmosphere between the staff, other students and especially from your personal CFI. I am looking forward to continuing my training here at NEH and becoming the professional and respectable pilot that only Northeast Helicopters can make me.

Mike Nuzzi

VA Post 9/11 and Pro-Trac Student

Nick and Alex

Alex (right) with yet another Post 9/11 VA student Nick Pasquantonio at our Maintenance Meeting.

Alex stated: I want to thank everyone at NEH for the opportunity to train with such a great staff for my flight training and future career goals. I’m beyond excited and look forward to flying at any given moment. I feel very lucky to have the Post 911 GI Bill to allow me to reach my dreams of becoming a Professional Helicopter Pilot.

See you in the air!!!

… Francisco “Alex” Reyes



Thursday, October 28th 2010 at 5:00 PM at the Hangar.

Come in costume and win prizes.

Childrens costume prizes too.

Be creative and bring a halloween themed food or beverage and win prizes.


This is Rhonda’s favorite holiday, so you know what the hangar is going to look like. Let’s have some fun with this event.

Ton’s of homemade food and some wicked scary beverages. What will Bunny be this year???

scary 1

Just how scary can you get??

Maintenance Meeting Coming Up Soon!


Thursday, September 30th, at 8:00 AM is our next maintenance course. This class is an all day event and is one you will not want to miss.

8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, snacks, lunch and beverages will be included. Rhonda will prepare her homemade baked ziti. This class is free, and if you desire a CFII position at NEH, you will need to attend this course at sometime during your training.

Hope to see you all there. Sign up sheet is in dispatch, or call the school.