New Networking Site for Helicopter Aviation

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Jordan Dalton, creator of contacted us last week about this great social networking site. Of course it is spreading like wild fire at the school. Please check it out and participate if you want.

His site aims to bring the helicopter aviation industry together. Since networking plays an important role in the industry, Jordan feels that offering a social networking site geared specifically towards helicopter aviation would be a great idea.

Who can benefit from RotorSpace?

Aspiring Helicopter Pilots, Flight Students, Current Pilots, Flight Schools, Aviation Services, Aviation Groups, Enthusiasts.

Here is a brief list of what RotorSpace could be used for:

1. Finding answers to your questions by asking pilots and flight schools directly.

2. Locating the right flight school for your training.

3. Gathering tips on how to be successful in the helicopter industry.

4. Sharing your aviation knowledge and experiences.

5. Finding a job

6. Buying/Selling Aircraft

7. Promoting your flight school or event

RotorSpace goal is to become one of the leading helicopter aviation websites on the Internet.

HOT Wing Eating Contest and Chicken Wing Cook-Off

cartoon cicken wing

This should be an interesting Event. This announcement comes early, because there will be much planning involved. We don’t think that anyone will want to miss this party.

May 20, 2010, (Thursday) at the hangar starting at 5:00 PM.

Our first HOT Wing Eating Contest and Best Chicken Wing Cook-Off. More details will follow as we plan. If you want to participate in either or both, contact Rhonda. Also, any extra grills, smokers and heating/cooking options are welcome and needed..

All alumni in the area, as well as potential students and families are welcome as usual. If you are one of the commuters, FREE night at the apartments if you want.


There will be prizes for the Best Chicken Wing recipe and for the brave soul that can eat the most HOT Wings.

There will also be plenty of sides and vegetarian foods for people who don’t eat chicken.

Please call Rhonda if you are interested. SEE YOU ALL THERE!


Henry we are so proud of you. You will be missed, but have a lot of fun. What a great way to build your hours, flying in Alaska for Temsco!!!


IMG 2705


Henry is in the center with the white shirt. Pro-Trac student, Chad Jasionkowski from Westhampton, MA on the left and CFII, Marlin Kontje on the right.

NEH CFI’S Leaving for Liberty Helicopters

March 2010 is starting strong in the city. Matt Irsfeld, Charlie Cushing and Mike Cieslik are heading to NYC to fly tours for Liberty!

Everything is happening so quick again that we haven’t had time to celebrate or even get goodbye pictures!!! Here are some from past good times. YOU WILL BE MISSED!

IMG 1781IMG 1839







Mike Rosenbush, (left) Lauren and Charlie (right). Blake (left) with Matt (right). Sorry, I don’t have a picture of Mike Cieslik!!! ENJOY NYC GUYS!!!!

VA Post 911 Student Troy Fulton

Troy Fulton

Welcome to Troy Fulton, our first Post 911 VA student at the school.

Troy relocated from Shadyside, Ohio in January 2010 to attend Westfield State College where he is working towards his four year degree in Bachelor Science and Business Aviation. All of his college so far has been conducted on line, and he is training at NEH three times a week with his CFII, John Simone (back right). The Post 911 program is allowing Troy to fulfill his dreams of becoming a helicopter pilot as well as earning his bachelors degree.

Troy was a helicopter mechanic in the service for 3-1/2 years which made him eligible for the Post 911 program.

Welcome Troy! If you would like more information about the Post 911 program, contact Northeast Helicopters or Westfield State College.