Congratulations to Tim Dunn – Chief Pilot


Tim came to Northeast Helicopters after getting his Private Pilot Rating in Virginina. He needed a school that was FAA Part 141 approved and worked with the VA so he could utilize his Montgomery GI benefits. He researched and found NEH.

Tim started training at Northeast Helicopters in August 2005, on his Instrument Rating, then Commercial, CFI and CFII. Upon graduation of the program, he became a CFII for NEH in August of 2006. In August of 2007, we were thrilled to have Tim be promoted to Assistant Chief Pilot for NEH.

Our former Chief Pilot, Rick Michaels relocated to Florida this Spring and stepped down as the Chief Pilot. All of Tim’s hard work and hours of teaching over the years gave him the requirements to become the new official “Chief Pilot”.

Tim is very dedicated to Northeast Helicopters and is an incredible asset to the school. We thank you Tim for all your hard work! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Upcoming Maintenance Class in May, 2010


This Maintenance Class will cover many topics NOT covered in the standard preflight, POH or the Robinson Safety Course.

At the end of the class an in depth preflight will be conducted with the knowledge obtained in this class.

We will continue to run this maintenance class until everyone has attended. It is mandatory that each student attends this course at some point of their training. This class includes: a Powerpoint presentation, several handouts and hands on training.

Friday, May 14, 2010, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Please call Rhonda to sign up for the class. Food and Beverages are free.

Alumni Agustin Baigorri 1991

Before first flight in fir fighting

Agustin’s company CoyotAir flies 4 EC 135, 4 AS 355N, 2 AS 350B@ and 10 AS 350 B3.

They fly search and rescue, HEMS, fire fighting, filming, VIP, etc. They also have another company called CoyotAir in Peru (South America).

Thank’s Agustin for keeping us posted of your progress and your flying career!