Welcome Patrik Tordal from Sweden!


Brent and Patrik

When Patrik was doing his research for the right school in Sweden, he was informed that NEH was the school to attend! What nice compliment! Thank you whoever you all are for referring NEH to Patrik.

We are happy to have you with us, if even for this short time. Welcome!

Patrik with his CFII, Brent Duca.

Private Pilot Power Point Presentation


Northeast Helicopters can now offer a new Private Pilot Power Point Presentation (Try saying that five times fast) to all students attending class. With a big thanks to flight instructor Mike Rosenbush, this program is up and running in all of our classrooms. Mike spent hundreds of hours putting this program together. It is structured off of our 141 Private Pilot Syllabus and includes detailed text, color pictures, audio and even video. This program will definitely improve the knowledge of our students and the consistency of our training. Thanks again to Mike for all the hard work.