Would you Donate your Hair for a Good Cause?

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Holly’s Hope for Hair is a non-profit family group supporting Alopecia Awareness.

Inspired by this beautiful young woman named Holly, the engineers of Holly’s Hope for Hair have one goal in mind: to spread awareness of Alopecia by empowering those afflicted through education and acceptance while helping others to truly believe that beauty radiates from within.

Holly is a close family member to Rhonda, owner of NEH. Rhonda is committed to leading the East Coast support efforts through the NEH family and has offered unsurpassed dedication and love to this cause. Rhonda knows that the NEH family extends from all over the USA as well as other countries, and this is a National Event, distance does not matter. You can still donate. Rhonda would like to see people willing to donate their hair to HHH. You do not have to have long hair now, but if you have the fortune of being able to grow your hair long, we would be thrilled to have you donate to Holly’s Hope for Hair in the future.

NEH had their first donation of hair from a wonderful woman, Emma Michal’s. Emma is the wife of NEH CFII, Ian Michal’s. Emma generously donated her beautiful hair and we can’t thank her enough.

Anyone that is willing to donate their hair, or begin growing their hair in order to donate it to HHH, will also receive a exciting new cut and style free of charge donated from Fine Lines Hair Design, in Ellington, CT by Owner/Stylist, Brenda Thomas.

Usher in Spring with a new hair style!!!

Please pass the word and let’s see how much support we can get. We are also interested in learning about others that suffer from Alopecia and may have stories to tell us, or educate us on their experiences.

Proceeds along with the donated hair from the event, NEH and other partners, will be used to create a custom human hair wig for Holly to wear with confidence as she embarks on the next chapter in her life. Northeast Helicopters is proud to be a Flagship Sponsor and Benefit Partner for the first fundraising event to support Holly’s Hope for Hair. Holly’s “Hair-A-Palooza” will be held the weekend of May 14-15, 2011 in Plymouth, MN and will offer patrons, family and friends several ways to show their support. Events confirmed to date include a Pizza Buffet sponsored by a well known Pizza Restaurant chain, a silent auction that will feature original art, crafts, donated items and gift certificate. The Fundraiser will also include live hair donations (which will be used in a custom made wig for Holly) and hair cutting station, live music, live art painting, massage services vendor tables and much more.

For more information about Holly’s story and Alopecia, please visit Holly’s Hope for Hair on Facebook.

Holly’s Hope for Hair has a wigmaker named Chira Dornbah at Savvy Sheitels in St. Paul, MN – www.savaaysheitels.com who is generously offering her time and talent to educate Holly on taking care of her wig. She will be donating her talent to making this custom creation for Holly along with sharing her wig expertise. Chira has over 20 years experience with head covering and has serviced many people with Alopecia.

Holly’s story:
Holly was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata when she was 16 years old. She had small bald patches on her scalp which seemed to come and go. Because she had a full head of waist length hair, she was able to cover the spots and continue on with life. Shortly after she started college in the fall of 2007, she noticed some general thinning of her hair, which could have been attributed to many things. Every fall when starting college, she began to lose more hair, more bald spots appeared and she noticed more thinning. Some of the hair grew back, some did not. It has gotten progressively worse every year and Holly is now completely bald. She has now also lost some of her eyebrows and all of her lower eyelashes. She now has to wear wigs full time in order to be able to have a normal life which includes being a full time college student (in her Junior plus year) a part time server/bartender for a busy well known Pizza place and will soon begin student teaching. There is NO cure for Alopecia and very little attention and funding is given to it for studies in order to further develop treatment possibilities. There is also very limited or no insurance coverage for many, many people to cover the cost of the wigs. She does not know if her hair will ever grow back or if she can expect to be bald for a long time. This disease can be emotionally crippling if allowed. Holly is controlling her disease rather than letting it control her and has made it her mission to educate, empower and encourage those afflicted with Alopecia as well as creating awareness in family and friends.

If you would like to donate to this cause, please contact Rhonda at toll free 1-866-NEHELOS (634-3567), or through e-mail at Rhonda@northeasthelicopters.com.
You can also contact the Holly Hlavacek Benefit Fund, 11831 18th Avenue No., Plymouth, MN 55441. Phone number, 763-226-3303 for Jayme Hlavacek. The HHH planning committee is also looking for silent auction items, art, crafts, gift certificates and other items that might be useful for the Hair-A-Palooza Event!

We appreciate your time and help.