Goodbye to CFII, John Simone

IMG 2699

John just announced the news that he will be leaving for Liberty Helicopters in New York City next week to fly tours and charter!

We are all so happy for you John, and we will miss you! Have fun and Congratuations! Keep us posted and come and visit whenever to you can.

Say Hi to all the other NEH grads that are working for Liberty.

Former NEH student Koril Flying in South Korea


Koril says it is very interesting flying in South Korea, so many restrictions, and the language barrier is unbelievable. He is having a blast and learning so much.

The gross weight of his helicopter, the CH-47 is 50,000 pounds, and the center cargo hook has a maximum capacity of 26,000 pounds. The bucket, when full weighs about 18,000 pounds. In these pictures, Koril was supporting the Korean firefighters in Northern South Korea. Koril misses all of us at NEH and plans to visit as soon as he returns to the states. Enjoy his pictures!!!

Thank you for your visit!



We had a great visit with a surprise from two quests and their helicopters.

Wes Verkaart flew his EC120 in for the Chili Cook-off and Randy Clark flew his R44 in as well.

The students just loved seeing the helicopters and we at NEH want to thank you so much for joining us for the event. We hope you both can come to our Hot Wing Eating Contest in June.