2nd Annual Hot Wing Eating Contest – 2011

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from left to right: The 2011 Wing Eating Competition:

Pro-Trac student, Rick Vance, NEH CFII, Kevin Raftery, Pro-Trac Student, Brian Houlihan, last years champion and Pro-Trac Student, Dan Sieck, Pro-Trac Student and Dispatcher, Mike Nuzzi, Pro-Trac Student, Matt Parrish, Pro-Trac Student, David Morgan and Pro-Trac Student and Dispatcher, Trent Barber. What a Group, and they ALL showed up!!

Kevin Raftery won First Place beating last years winner, Dan Sieck. 2nd and 3rd place were tied by Dan Sieck and David Morgan. The brave men decided to have a tie breaker contest and David won 2nd Place, Dan Sieck won 3rd place. These brave souls are really ALL Winners.

Brian Houlihan again walks away with the BEST TASTING WINGS EVER!!!!!