President of Monson Savings Bank takes a Flight!


NEH and the Boulette’s do all their banking at Monson Saving Bank, in Monson, MA.

It was time for the President, Steve Lowell to take his first helicopter flight on June 19, 2012. He LOVED it!!!! Now he knows what NEH is all about!

Thanks to Monson Savings and their awesome people, who believed in NEH and continue to support our school’s growth in so many ways.

Military Appreciation Party!

We appreciate our Military and thank you for serving our Country! To show our appreciation, we celebrated with a “Military Appreciation Party” catered by Famous Daves BBQ. It was a great day, beautiful weather and tons of food. Thank you to everyone that came and spent the day visiting us.

Also, a celebration of CFII, Ian Michal’s leaving for Liberty Helicopters in NYC, and Mike Nuzzi, passing his Commercial check ride this week, and…. George Segarra passing his CFI check ride this week! Great Job everyone!!! Ian we will miss you and Emma.

CFII, Ian Michal’s Moving on to NYC

IMG 3130Liberty Helicopters in New York City is where Ian will be starting on Monday!

Congratulations Ian, you will be back with a core group of NEH Alumni, Brent, Henry, John, Reagan, Mike, who are we leaving out??

We will miss you and Emma so much!

Let’s celebrate at the Military Appreciation Party!!

Ian on the left, Trent, middle and Brent, right!

Congratulations to Brendan Rogers!


Brendan is already a part of the family, and is now part of our staff!

Welcome aboard to Brendan Rogers!!! Congratulations on a job well done. Successfully completing Pro-Trac. It’s going to be a very busy summer!

CFII Mary Han Heading for VEGAS!!!


Mary accepted a position at Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters in Las Vegas!

Her and Bunny will be heading out this week for Las Vegas, where she will be flying tours.

We will miss you and Bunny so much!! Come back to visit soon, and bring BUNNY!!! Congratulations Mary, Job well done!

Congratulations to Kevin Raftery!!!

IMG 4085

CFII, Kevin Raftery was recently hired at Temsco Helicopter Inc. in Ketchikan, AK to fly tours this season!

WAY to GO Kevin! you will most certainly be missed.

Enjoy the photo’s that Kevin has already sent us!!!

120409 Pretty Maids

120405 The Pullout


NEH Military Appreciation Party – Coming Soon


This event is coming up very fast.

Rhonda does need a fairly accurate head count for the Caterer, Famous Dave’s BBQ!

Saturday, May 19, 2012, at the Hangar and begins at 10:00 AM.

We all hope you and your family can join us. It’s going to be a super day. Please let Rhonda know if you are attending.