Alumi Olay, Bastiansen

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I began flight training, October, 1983, and got my CFI in April, 1984. With the help of Larry Durocher, the original owner, and other good people, I secured my first job as CFI with Arrow Helicopters, in Indianapolis, Indiana. I worked there until July, 1987 doing various types of missions.

From July, 1987 until December, 1988, I worked for PHI based at Intracostal City, LA.

From there I moved home after being accepted as candidate for a Copilot position with Helikopter Service AS of Norway. I completed fligt training and have been with them ever since, flying the S61N, Bell 214ST, and since May 2009 the EC225.

It has been challenging, but somehow I have always felt good about my choice of career, haing met many ince colleagues, having made many new friends along the way.

My position with company is AWSAR Commander. It entails being stationed offshore at base on oil platform named Statfjord B, operating the EC225. The main focus is being prepared for emergency scenarios within our primar area of operations, but our assistance may be requested for any and all emergencies within our operational limits.