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What are our grads up to? Are you one? What are you up to?

Boyer, Trish

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Trish Boyer is currently flying with Associated Aircraft Group, out of Poughkeepsie, NY. AAG is owned by Sikorsky and they are currently operating ten S-76’s.

Trish is living her dream and still totally ‘lovin’ it! Way to go Trish!

Sohn, Jason, Springfield, IL

Saints 1 NICU 5-2-09i

I am doing really well out here in Springfield, IL. It has been a hectic past few months with traveling all over for training, and then moving, and getting everything set up in my apartment as well as getting used to working somewhere new again. So I am finally getting settled and the new job is really going well.

I am flying a BK-117b2 for Air Methods and we are based here at St. John’s hospital in Springfield, IL. Right now we are just flying specialty teams for Neonate and Pediatrics intensive care units, but our adult program has been approved, so they are staffing the positions now, and we should be up and running in a few months. When that happens, we will start flying trauma patients, and do scene calls too. Right now everything we do is hospital to hospital transfers, except for PR’s and such. Which I actually got to do one yesterday, so we landed in the park for St. John’s safety day. That is where the picture is from. I also attached one of them lifting off for a NICU flight yesterday. Of course the flight came in right at shift change and I did not ahve enought duty time to take it. Oh well, what can you do?

Hope all is going well with you guys.

Lanteigne, Keith

Keith flying EMS in Ohio, see the picture below

Flying a BK117 EMS for Omni Flight in Ohio, USA

Lanteignen1583723485 8919Keith flying for ERA Helicopters in St. Charles, LA, USA. Every so often he gets to fly an A119 and a S76. He likes flying off shore.




Horn, Matthew

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Matt Horn is from South Dakota. Matt relocated to CT to train with NEH and was a CFII.

He then moved back to the Midwest, and worked for Iowa Helicopters as a CFII.

He then moved on to PHI flying offshore. Now he is flying EMS in Missouri, and still helps run Iowa Helicopters. Thank you Matt for the update!

Stanger, Dianna



Dianna in her Agusta Power.

Among other things, she uses her EC120 to round up cattle, for hunting and for Angel flights in South Texas on her ranch.

She is the manager and operator of the Calhoun Country (PKV) airport in South Texas on the Gulf Coast.