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Announcement: Note To Parents

A Note to Parents:

Many of Northeast Helicopters students come through our door fresh out of high school to relocate here for training.

For many this is their first experience away from their family and friends, which can be exciting as well as a bit scary, (for mom and dad too). John, Rhonda and the staff understand these emotions.

Northeast Helicopters encourages parents to visit our facility with their son or daughter so that they can experience firsthand the professional and courteous staff and owners. When you arrive at Northeast Helicopters, you will immediately feel the warmth of our “family atmosphere’ and true friendliness.

Our promise is to maintain this atmosphere, so that students never feel intimidated or unwelcome.

Northeast strives to provide quality training in a relaxed environment. The owners are involved in day to day operations at the school and keep an open door for conversation and mixing with all the students. Parents can phone anytime to speak to John or Rhonda concerning their son or daughter.

Please enjoy some parents’ views on Northeast Helicopters, the owners and the staff.

Jerry and Connie Hay

klynt-dad-1The search for a flight school entailed thoroughly investigating six helicopter schools on both coasts. The investigation included physical visitations, interviewing the owners, managers, flight instructors and also the quality of the facilities and equipment. In conclusion, we selected Northeast Helicopters Flight Training because they exceeded our expectations in all aspects of our criteria. Additionally, we had a high level of trust of the owners, John and Rhonda Boulette, their successful track record and responses to all of our questions.

Our son has just successfully completed his first solo flight and has also done exceedingly well with his written examinations. We attribute these results to his own innate qualities and abilities but also because of his instructors. Klynt has stated that his instructor is a serious, intense, no nonsence straight forward professional who is extraordinarily focused on the task and assignments and does not get distracted by anything. Because we are parents, we couldn’t ask for higher qualitative standards.

In summary, in our opinion, Northeast Helicopters is the finest, best equipped and most professional helicopter school in the Nation. We are totally convinced that our sons experience at this particular school will provide him with the best opportunities for having a successful and rewarding career as a licensed and certified helicopter pilot.

Jerry and Connie Hay

Fran Kreigenhofer

My daughter, Lauren, attends Northeast Helicopters Flight school in Ellington, Lauren and MomCT. The staff is very friendly and professional, and I am very pleased with her progress. It is a real family atmosphere at Northeast. These are the reasons why I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in flying helicopters.


Fran Kreigenhofer

Ray and Karen Cianfrini

It was definitely the best two years he has spent to date. He misses everyone, but has decided to enlist in the Army if he can get into the helicopter program. He hopes to get back to CT before he goes in so I’m sure you’ll see him again before long. We’re very grateful that we found your school and we consider the cost of his training well spent. You have a very professional staff and they are a great bunch to be around. We’re going to miss seeing everyone at Casey’s. Give my regards to Jeremy, he did a great job with Steve, and please say hello to everyone else for us. If we’re ever in your area, we’ll be sure to stop in and say hi. Good luck to you and everyone there at Northeast Helicopters.

Ray and Karen Cianfrini

Nancy and Russell Schiebel

SPECIALEVENTS 1Our son Alan, who is only 17, is now nearing his private pilot and commercial pilot status in his training. It makes us so very proud, knowing that he is at a a school that teaches it’s students with such extreme professionalism, expertise, care and safety. Each one of the NEH flight instructors has the endearing quality to reach each and every student on his or her own level, therefore, maximizing their potential.

Alan has been a student at Northeast Helicopters for just a short while (a little over a year and a half) and yet, with the level of teaching and the advanced progress he has made, it doesn’t seem that long. Alan has been getting the finest training from the very first moment he enter the establishment. He has always loved helicopters and how they fly. Even when he was a little boy, he would ask for some toy helicopter over another toy. It was this insatiable appetite for flying which gave us the idea to offer Alan that first memorable introductory flight.

We are proud to be a vital part of Northeast Helicopters and would be first in line to recommend the school.

Nancy and Russell Schiebel

Ann Marie Navin

The joke in our house is that I would rather have our son, soon to be 16 years old, fly in the sky instead of drive on the ground. John and Rhonda Boulette, owners of Northeast Helicopters, and our son’s instructor, Grant Hamilton made us feel safe about Eric flying helicopters. Northeast Helicopters professional attention to detail and commitment to safety is what makes their learning environment the best.

Ann Marie Navin, Mother of Eric Lutley

Helene Scott

Just one month after my son graduated from high school in Illinois, our family relocated to Massachusetts. All of his childhood friends were left 1,200 miles away. He was unsure about his social opportunities in this unfamiliar community, but his focus on a desire to fly helicopters was a steady yearn. That is where Northeast Helicopters entered his life.

Visiting the school, talking with John and Rhonda Boulette, and experiencing a demo flight sealed the plan; my son wanted this to become his new life. Enthusiasm for the success of their students was all I, as a parent, had to observe to convince me that it was the right place for him. The relaxed delivery of instruction and one-on-one attention provided a high level of confidence to achieve true success in becoming a helicopter pilot. When he as teamed up with Grant Hamilton as his instructor, this only got better! Grant was a real boost to his already eager ambition by providing academic challenge in a patient but firm style, along with a new friendship that was greatly welcomed. My son is well on his way to achieving his goals and a satisfying career with unbelievable job opportunities.

A very grateful mom,

Helene Scott

The Proud Parents of Scott G. Groth

The owners and instructors at Northeast Helicopters are thorough and take pride in their leadership and teaching. John, Rhonda and all are a family who nurture and achieve the highest quality performers.

P.S. and they throw a darn good pig roast.

Donna and Bill Middel