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Photos past and present of everything happening at Northeast

Holiday Cards

Christmas 2010

xmas card 2010

Christmas 2009

NEH Christmas Card 09from left to right and top to bottom:

top row: Kevin Raftery, Marlin Kontje, Adam Moody, Tim Dunn, Matt Irsfeld, Henry Churchill, Rhonda Boulette. middle row: Regan Jones, Mary Han (with Bunny), John Boulette, Ian Michals, Mike Rosenbush, John Simone, Brent Duca. (on the platform) Bob Boucher.

Christmas 2008


from top left to bottom right:

John Simone, Bob Boucher, Tim Dunn, Henry Churchill, Charlie Cushing, Andrew Putnam. Bottom left kneeling, Mike Rosenbush, Matt Irsfeld, Rhonda Boulette, Brent Duca. In the 500 is Marlin kontje. Missing this year is owner, John Boulette, Dispatch: Reid Carberry & Kenny Rebuck.

Christmas 2007

2008 Christmas

from right to left:

Jeremy Gray (in R22), Bob Boucher, Reid Carberry, John Simone, Charlie Cushing, Tim Dunn Chris Ramsey, DeAnna White (in Schweizer) with Matt Irsfeld, John Boulette, Tony Pascoe, Steve Slywester (sitting) with Andrew Putnam, and Rhonda Boulette.

Christmas 2006

2007 Christmas

from right to left:

Scott Groth, Jason Sohn, Rob Johnson, Mike Bell, Matt Irsfeld, Tony Pascoe, Bob Burgess, Tim Dunn, Mike Kwas, Jeff Struk, Rhonda and John Boulette, Bob Boucher.

Christmas 2005

2006 Christmas

from right (top) to left:

Jason Sohn, Scott Groth, Rhonda Boulette, Craig Adams, Ben Lane, Bob Lynch, Iain Grant, Tony Pascoe, Chris Ramsey, Bob Boucher, Mike Bell, Trish Boyer, Bob Burgess. John Boulette was out sick that day, check out the ornaments!!

Christmas 2004

2005 Christmas

from right (top) to left:

Ryan Caswell, Ben Lane, Matt Horn, John Boulette, John Long, Jason Trask, Bob Boucher (upper left), Trish Boyer, Rhonda Boulette, Scott Groth


Our very first Holiday Card!

Kim Kosciusko flying in the Congo

Kim - Congo 1


The mines in Katanga, Congo

A crew from French television was filming a documentary on mining in Congo, and needed a geological consultant. I agreed, (as long as I got to fly the BA wherever we had to go. That turned out to be about 12 more hours of turbine cross country ferry time. Once again thanks so much for making my private pilot license happen before I came back here!

Wherever we go here in the Congo, the aircraft has to be under guard. In this area, in particular, the last time I was there, I was greeted by assault rifle-wielding locals whose chief had decreed that if a woman walked on the sacred ground (the mine), the copper concentration would drop and someone would die in the mine.

Kim Congo3

There are active rebel territories in the north where you just can’t put down, or if you do, you can’t reasonably expect to ever take off again. We have also been told of areas where cannibalism is still in practice, and as such, probably do not make good refueling stops. On the bright side, there are no power lines to worry about!

Kim Congo 5