NEW Information regarding VA Benefit options:

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Northeast Helicopters and the Veterans Administration have enjoyed a great working relationship for over 25 years and are proud to have trained many GI Bill recipients.

For anyone interested in Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits they can apply online to convert the chapter 30 GI Bill to the chapter 33 GI Bill.

If you want to utilize your Montgomery GI Bill benefits you must attend a flight school that is an approved FAA Part 141 school, and keep a current Class I or Class II medical at all times. While you are researching, our flight-school-interview-guide can help ensure you're asking all the right questions.

Depending on your eligibility, you may qualify for up to 100% funding through the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

If you use the Chapter 30 Montgomery GI bill, you will need to plan to pay for your Private Pilot or Private Pilot Add-On course on your own. The VA will not reimburse students for the cost of these courses. After the Private Pilot Course has been accomplished, NEH will enroll you into the next VA approved course.

Once enrolled in the other courses, the VA will reimburse you for 60 percent of the FAA course minimums. If you train over the FAA course minimums, you are responsible for payment.

If your benefits fall under the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, please contact the school about the procedures for that particular program.  Rhonda will be able to assist you.

To apply for benefits, please complete one of the following benefit forms:

If you have never applied for educational benefits before:

use VA form number 22-1990.

If you have in the past used educational benefits:

use VA form number 22-1995


Or you can apply for GI Bill Benefits online through VONAPP (Veterans On Line Applications).

If you are unsure if you are entitled to benefits,you should check with a counselor by calling

toll free at 1-888-442-4551, press #1 then #0.  Further information is available online at


Please choose one of the following links for a printable version of our VA catalog. 

               Robinson R22 VA Course Catalog               Schweizer 300CBi VA Course Catalog


Timothy Dunn - NEH Assistant Chief Pilot - United States Navy - Second Class Gunners Mate:

My job was to run the ship's armory and maintenance the MK45 5" weapon system.  I was stationed in Norfolk Virginia on the USS Stout which is an Arlie Burk Class Destroyer.  After my enlistment I was able to obtain my helicopter ratings at NEH and used my Montgomery GI Bill to do so.  I was extremely grateful to have the MGIB.  It was a huge help in getting through all the training.  A year and a half after I was out of the military, I became a proud member of Northeast Helicopter's Flight Team!

Jeremy Gray - NEH CFII and National Guard - Sergeant: 

The GI Bill has been a big help in my completion of training at Northeast Helicopters.  The money from the VA helped me to worry less about the financial burden that comes with going to school, and concentrate more on the studies and work involved with the training.  The work needed to complete the training can't be underestimated, and being able to give it my full attention was instrumental to me completing the courses and meeting the standards set by Northeast Helicopters.

Christopher Ramsey - NEH CFII, NEH Mechanic and US Army 101st Airborne:

If you can be patient for the first couple of months after you are enrolled with the VA, the money will start coming in within weeks of filing the proper paperwork. There is also a smooth transition between ratings as well. I never had any real problems getting my VA benefits.

Andrew Putnam - NEH CFII and US Marine:

The Montgomery GI Bill is an excellent benefit to use for pursuing a career in aviation.  Northeast Helicopters was very prompt in processing my monthly activity to the VA office.  It would have been very difficult to continue training without the help of the Montgomery GI Bill.