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Welcome to Northeast Helicopters

Welcome to Northeast Helicopters

We offer a wide variety of helicopter and aviation services, from initial helicopter training to advanced and instrument training, Designated Pilot Examiner, as well as helicopter charter, aerial photography, survey, tours and aircraft management. Northeast Helicopters is the oldest and one of the most reputable helicopter schools in the United States. We have been serving the international and domestic aviation community for over 48 years. We offer flight training for all FAA certificates and ratings under Part 141 of the FAA regulations.

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The helicopter industry is an interesting and exciting business to be in

We are the 'career training flight school' of the industry

The helicopter industry is an interesting and exciting business to be in! There is a continual need for helicopter pilots, and as more applications that utilize helicopters grows, the need will continue.
You can become a Professional Helicopter Pilot! It is up to you! Northeast Helicopters can supply the quality tools and skills necessary to achieve your goal. Northeast Helicopters will guide you into the industry, and you can have a successful career as a Professional Helicopter pilot. This is what we have been doing since 1974.

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Myths about Becoming a Helicopter Pilot

Myths about Becoming a Helicopter Pilot

You do NOT have to enlist in the military to learn to fly. Generally speaking this is not the way to build your flight hours in a timely fashion. In addition, the aircraft flown in the military, are not what you will fly in the civilian world.
You do NOT need perfect eye sight, as long as your vision is correctable by glasses, contact lenses, laser, etc. You are NOT too old to make a career change. Unlike commercial airlines, the helicopter industry does not have a retirement age. As long as you continue to pass a class II or class I FAA medical yearly, you can continue to work in the industry.

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It's Your Future

We have established relationships with many tour operators across the country who continuously hire our pilots in places such as New York, Alaska, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and The Grand Canyon.

All NEH Instructors are CFIIs. NEH has instrument training aircraft, equipped with state of the art GPS systems to handle your instrument training needs, so our graduates are ready for employment in any area.

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Your resume is extremely important

A well-known, respected and established flight school on your resume will open doors.

You need to choose a good, stable Part 141 school that is recognized in the industry. (Part 141 is a fancy way of saying federal regulations that the flight school must follow).
Compare it to an Ivy League college. If you attend a flight school, that is not established in the industry, or is not a known helicopter company, other businesses will not recognize these schools and could pass you over for work.
The helicopter business is a relatively small industry. Everyone knows everyone. Companies know Northeast Helicopters and our reputation for the high quality of the pilots we train. Because of this, our graduates get hired! Northeast Helicopters turns out superior pilots.
Northeast Helicopters has had hundreds of students enter the helicopter industry over the years. Our name and solid reputation is recognized throughout the industry.

Choosing a Flight School

Even if you don't train with us, we truly want you to find and attend a great flight school.

  • Type of Flight School
  • School Stability
  • Safety Record
  • Accounting Practices
  • Availability
  • Maintenance
  • Pricing
  • Rental
  • Career

We offer SLM Financing to our qualified students for their flight training loans. The benefits include competitive variable and fixed interest rates, flexible repayment options, including affordable fixed in-school payments of $25 a month, repayment term will vary based on several factors. Students may choose to pay as they train. Northeast Helicopters will accept check, cash and most major credit cards. Get more info about Sallie Mae, and other financing options, here.

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Meet the Team

Any school is only as good as the people who make it great!

  • Rhonda Boulette Rhonda Boulette

    Rhonda does not fly, but focuses on taking care of her students to make sure their needs are met, and that the school is run properly. Rhonda ran the school with her husband, John, for over 22 years, until his untimely death in 2021.
    Read more, here.

  • Chief Pilot Rick Vance
    Chief Pilot

    Rick was born in CT and currently lives in Wallingford, CT. After flying for the army, he found Northeast Helicopters and is in charge of flight ops.

  • Jon Stone Jon Stone
    Business Consultant

    A Northeast grad and current Commercial/Instrument pilot, he helps Rhonda and Rick keep the bills paid and the business end of the school running smoothly.

  • Nick Aliengena Nick Aliengena
    Director of Maintenance

    Nick is a USAF veteran who worked on HH-60G Pave Hawks as an avionics tech. He apprenticed here with us, became an A&P mechanic, and plans to continue working for us on all things mechanical.

  • Meet the Team Meet everyone!
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