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Aerial photography from a helicopter offers many advantages

  • Operating without doors for clearer pictures
  • Stopping or moving very slowly around a subject
  • Lower altitudes than other aircraft

With over 25 years of aerial photography experience, Northeast Helicopters can provide you with experienced pilots that understand the needs of the photographer.

You can count on Northeast Helicopters to get the job done right…the first time. If a photographer is required, we have several we use on a regular basis at your disposal. Northeast Helicopters is also able to provide a variety of aircraft and services for movie production and film companies.

Call now for more Information about us, (866) 634-3567

Train Here

NEH has private classrooms for your one-on-one training.

If you need to relocate to train at NEH, we have lasting relationships with employers in the area for our students

We also have local housing for our students within a short driving distance from the school.

NEH has a full-service Maintenance Department and is a manufacturer-approved service center. Our Director of Maintenance is a factory-trained FAA Certificated A & P. All maintenance and overhauls are done at the school, which helps prevent scheduling issues and grounded aircraft/lost flights for our students.

(866) 634-3567

Northeast Helicopters