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Student Housing & Employment

Living Here, Training Here

Northeast Helicopters offers student housing at affordable prices for our students relocating to Ellington for their training.

Our short-stay students ease their commutes from NYC, Boston, Albany, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and even Maine with affordable nightly rates at our convenient housing locations.

Northeast Helicopters has student housing thats just a short drive from the school. They are completely furnished and include everything except for your food and bedding.

When relocating, students may still need to work while they are training. Northeast Helicopters has a great relationship with FedEx in Willington, CT. Students have been working for FedEx Ground for years while training at NEH. The pay is good, shifts are short, and working doesn't interfere with training. Also they offer tuition Assistance up to $1500/year. Contact Rhonda for more details on how to apply.

If you are making the “helicopter flight school circuit”, and you are visiting our area, we have a relationship with the Hampton Inn & Suites, located in Manchester, CT. Let us know when you plan to arrive and we will have the Director of Sales, Amy Boyer contact you to give you an excellent rate in this wonderful hotel. Amy is familiar with Northeast Helicopters and the purpose of your visit here. They will take great care of you, at a very good price.

Contact Us (866) 634-3567

Getting off the Ground

So you're thinking about becoming a helicopter pilot. Now what do you do?

  • TRY: In a demo flight, you'll take the controls and actually fly some basic maneuvers with your instructor's help
  • TRAIN: After enrolling, you'll be matched up with an instructor for one-on-one ground and flight training
  • TEACH: You start your career as a Certificated Flight Instructor, teaching students how to fly, while building experience

(866) 634-3567

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