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Our Northeast Family

One thing you'll find throughout our team at Northeast is a friendly-family atmosphere. We all really and truly enjoy what we do, which just lends itself to a great working atmosphere where we know you will feel right at home. Here is our current team:

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  • John and Rhonda Boulette

    Rhonda Boulette - Owner

    Rhonda, from Minneapolis, MN became involved in helicopters when she met John during a tour season in the Midwest (Wisconsin Dells). Yes, on a helicopter ride, and yes, he was the pilot. She does not fly, but focuses on taking care of her students to make sure their needs are met, and that the school is run properly.
    After John’s untimely death in 2021, Rhonda became the sole owner of NEH. With the help of the qualified and loyal staff, NEH has not missed a beat with our quality training. Rhonda spent her life beside John, learning the aviation business, including working in the helicopter logging and tour business.
    John wanted the best for NEH and he will live on in our hearts. Rhonda and the steadfast staff at NEH will continue to provide top notch training and guidance well into the future.

  • Rick Vance

    Rick Vance - Chief Pilot

    Rick was born in CT and currently lives in Wallingford, CT. After a back injury that kept him from flying for the army, he found Northeast Helicopters and never looked back. When he is not flying you can find his very supporting fiance and him taking day trips around New England.

  • Nick Aliengena

    Nick Aliengena - Director of Maintenance

    Nick is a USAF veteran who worked on HH-60G Pave Hawks as an avionics tech. He apprenticed here with us and became an A&P mechanic. He plans to continue keeping our birds flying for the foreseeable future.

  • Daniel Colt

    Daniel Colt - Assistant Chief Pilot

    Dan grew up not far from Northeast Helicopters, and he took his first helicopter ride here on his 7th birthday. After serving 4 years an infantryman in 1st Battalion 8th Marine Regiment, he worked as an EMS dispatcher, and then a automotive technician before finally pursuing his dream of flying helicopters in Northeast Helicopter's Protrac program. Upon completing his Certificated Flight Instructor rating, he was hired as a CFI at Northeast. When not teaching, he can found spending time with the most important person in his life, his wife Jordin.

  • Max Albee

    Maximilian Albee - Flight Instructor

    Max was born and raised in CT. He joined the Navy out of high school and he developed a passion for aviation after working as an electrician on the flight deck of the Harry S. Truman. After completing his 5 year enlistment he came to us and successfully completed our Pro-Trac program. He is now working here at NEH as a flight instructor.

  • Cedric Sarazin

    Cedric Sarazin - Flight Instructor

    Originally from France, Cedric worked as a maintenance manager while holding a technical degree in Industrial Vehicle Maintenance. Cedric also served as a Sergeant in the French Armed Forces. Cedric came to the United States 3 years ago with his wife and two sons to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. After adapting to life in a new country Cedric joined the NEH Pro-Trac program. Upon completion of the program we are happy to have him instructing future pilots as a CFI.

  • Nathan Boden

    Nathan Boden - Flight Instructor

    Nathan grew up in rural Iowa and served in the United States Army. After his time in the Army, he joined us to realize his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. Now as one of our instructors he is working towards his goal of becoming a wildlife conservation pilot.

  • Gus Pfohl

    Gus Pfohl - Flight Instructor

    Gus was born and raised in western New York. After highschool he served 4 years in the United States Air Force and then came home to begin work in construction. After deciding to pursue a career as a helicopter pilot he enrolled and completed our Pro Trac program and was hired on as a flight instructor.

  • Sawyer Mahan

    Sawyer Mahan - Flight Instructor

    Sawyer grew up in western Massachusetts with a passion for aviation for as long as he can remember. Sawyer worked as a drone pilot during high school and made it his dream to become a helicopter pilot. After graduating high school he took a demo flight at Northeast Helicopters and immediately jumped into the Pro-Trac program. He is now working with us as a flight instructor.

  • Kevin McElroy

    Kevin McElroy - CFI

    Kevin McElroy is working with us as a flight instructor. Kevin grew up in Tucson Arizona and discovered his passion for aviation after a demo flight he did back home. Kevin found our school and made the journey out to live here. He was a full time student in the pro-trac program.

Train Here

NEH has private classrooms for your one-on-one training.

If you need to relocate to train at NEH, we have lasting relationships with employers in the area for our students

We also have local housing for our students within a short driving distance from the school.

NEH has a full-service Maintenance Department and is a manufacturer-approved service center. Our Director of Maintenance is a factory-trained FAA Certificated A & P. All maintenance and overhauls are done at the school, which helps prevent scheduling issues and grounded aircraft/lost flights for our students.

(866) 634-3567

Getting off the Ground

So you're thinking about becoming a helicopter pilot. Now what do you do?

  • TRY: In a demo flight, you'll take the controls and actually fly some basic maneuvers with your instructor's help
  • TRAIN: After enrolling, you'll be matched up with an instructor for one-on-one ground and flight training
  • TEACH: You start your career as a Certificated Flight Instructor, teaching students how to fly, while building experience

(866) 634-3567

Some of the jobs for career helicopter pilots include

  • Agricultural Spraying
  • EMS/Air Ambulance Pilot
  • Fire Fighting
  • Fish Spotting
  • Heli-Skiing
  • Police
  • Wildlife management
  • Construction
Northeast Helicopters